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Супер-копия Мужской кошелек Paul Smith Mini Car Billfold # 1

Мужской кошелек Paul Smith Mini Car Billfold

Артикул: ACWA-PLS-Mini_Cooper
Бренд: Paul Smith
10.00 $
20.00 $
в корзину
Мужской кошелек Paul Smith Mini Car Billfold, идеальная копия
Paul Smith designs with men in mind. The Mini Cooper is a small car, fun and sporty, but not the typical man car; that is until it was seen in The Italian Job. What man after that movie did not want a small car to drive down subways and swerve in and our around town? Hell, even I did. The Paul Smith iconic striped Mini Cooper hits home for the man who loves dreaming of speed, heists, and driving down subways and sidewalks. I love the Paul Smith Mini Car Billfold because it is all work on the outside with black leather, and all play on the inside with the striped Mini Copper image. Different than anything you would see, the inside will be great for the inner boy inside your man (come on, they all still have it) and still has a folded bill pocket, two slot pockets, and eight card slots. Measurements are 4.25″ x 3.7″ x 0.7″ and this wallet is perfect for the guy who loves cars.

В комплекте фирменная коробка Paul Smith с магнитной защелкой, матерчатый чехол, карточка. Идеальный подарок для мужчины, любящего машины!
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